The Last Frontier FSW Giveaway

Posted by Tim Walters on 20/02/2018

A new Prize Draw is available for FSW owners!

The Last Frontier Mission Pack

Click HERE to see if you can enter.

The MaLCoin Exchange (MLC)

Posted by Tim Walters on 19/01/2018

The MaLCoin Exchange is now open!

You can use your MaldAir bank balance to invest in MLC - the new digital coin.

Buy when low and sell when high!

Invest wisely!

Click HERE for more information.


Posted by Tim Walters on 15/01/2018

Printable certificates are available!

Click HERE to print your own certificates.

MaldAir Traffic Control Hub

Posted by Tim Walters on 15/01/2018

We now offer a formal ATC training syllabus.

The syllabus is still being developed but we have level 1 now available.

Click HERE to visit the Hub.

Tracker Update

Posted by Tim Walters on 25/12/2017

Merry Christmas pilots!

An update to the MaldAir Tracker has been published.

You can now see graphs during flight and get a similar report when you file the flight. I will update the other Trackers once I know that there are no technical issues with this update (V2.60)

If there are any problems with this update, please email with full details.

Thanks and happy flying!

Happy Birthday MaldAir!

Posted by Tim Walters on 24/12/2017


Thanks to all our members for creating such a wonderful place to be.

As a thank you to everyone, click
for a 'Behind the Scenes' look into MaldAir's existence!.

ATC Feedback Emails

Posted by Tim Walters on 22/10/2017

The ATC Feedback notifications have been updated.  When ATCs receive their feedback email, they can see a more detailed report.

ATC Subscription Service

Posted by Tim Walters on 29/09/2017

Be advised that the ATC Subscriptions List has been cleared.

This is due to a significant amount of failed sends.

If you still wish to receive eMail notifications when an ATC comes on duty, please re-subscribe at the following address:

Thank you!

Survey Results 2017

Posted by Tim Walters on 02/09/2017

The 2017 survey results are now available



Posted by Tim Walters on 10/08/2017

We are lucky in that we have a breeding pair of Concorde's and they have both been released to the wild.

using the Service Pack Updater.

Recommissioning Concorde

Posted by Tim Walters on 09/08/2017

Concorde will be making an appearance for the MaldAir Group for the first time in 14 years.

We are currently dusting off the engines and it should be back in service very soon!

ATCs can now earn!

Posted by Tim Walters on 09/08/2017


Click HERE for more information.

2017 Member Survey

Posted by Tim Walters on 28/07/2017

The results will be published early September.

Tracker Update

Posted by Tim Walters on 23/07/2017

The FSX and FSW Trackers have been updated.

It now includes a graphical representation of flight progress.

A 'TOC reached' icon now included.

The MaldAir FSW Fleet Complete

Posted by Tim Walters on 18/07/2017


The Flight Sim World (FSW) livery upgrade has been completed. Run the Service Pack Updater to get them all!

FSW Livery

Posted by Tim Walters on 12/07/2017


The NEW MaldAir Piper PA-28 repaint has been released for Flight Sim World (FSW). Run the Service Pack Updater to get it!


Posted by Tim Walters on 29/05/2017


Tracked flights in FSW are now available.

Service Pack Updater now at V9.00.

FSW Update 3

Posted by Tim Walters on 20/05/2017


Check out the URL above which shows
the MaldAir Group Flight Sim World development
road map along with progress to date.

I am pleased to announce that I have obtained hardware which is low cost to run and supports FSW.  I am finalising the installation and it should be available full time in the next day or so.

Please visit the page above for a more details.

Tim Walters
MaldAir Group President

FSW Update 2

Posted by Tim Walters on 19/05/2017


Initial tests are complete and thankfully, DTG have included a 32bit SimConnect.

I have tested the revised Tracker and it appears to be working sufficiently well for it to be published in the next week.

However, this isn't the end of the story as I will also have to redesign the SPUpdater to allow for and detect FSW installations.  This will take some time...

I haven't tried any repaints yet, but they appear to be standard (allbeit rather large) .DDS texture files.

We currently have a Multiplayer server available on FSW though it's a bit intermittent!

I will post updates when I know what's happening.

Tim Walters
MaldAir Group President


Posted by Tim Walters on 18/05/2017



We are looking at supporting this new sim in the next few days.  It's too early to say if we will be successful.
PLEASE do not buy on the assumption that we will be successful in implementing FSW into the MaldAir Group.


Posted by Tim Walters on 17/05/2017



FSW Update

Posted by Tim Walters on 13/05/2017


I have been working on converting the Trackers to use SimConnect for FSW instead of FSUIPC and things have been going quite well.  I still cannot say at this stage whether we will be able to support FSW but I am trying hard.  The final work on implementation will only occur when the new simulator is actually released and I can actually test it out against their SimConnect engine.

I have published updates to the FSX Trackers to emphasise what simulator the Tracker it is actually for.  If things go without any hitch, I will amend the Service Pack Updater to include FSW when possible.

I will post updates as and when I know what's happening.

Tim Walters
MaldAir Group President

Flight Sim World

Posted by Tim Walters on 06/05/2017

DoveTail Games has announced that their new flight simulator: Flight Sim World will be available as 'Early Access' through Steam on the 18th May 2017.

Whilst this is good news, it is an early access game and they have already told us in their media that the multiplayer environment has bugs.

I would like to implement FSW into the community, but as FSUIPC is not supported at the moment, I am not able to say whether this will happen.

It will take a significant amount of work to implement the MaldAir Group into the new simulator and it does, at this stage, significantly rely upon FSUIPC support.

All I can say is that I am considering FSW implementation but it's very early days and cannot commit any further.

Tim Walters
MaldAir Group President

TeamSpeak Skin Update

Posted by Tim Walters on 23/04/2017


The TeamSpeak Skin has been updated to V2.01.

It has been updated due to compatibility issues with TS3 V3.1+

Please grab the updated version when you have the time.

You need to select from the 'Downloads' link above (registered users only).

Last one!

Posted by Tim Walters on 29/03/2017

This WAS a rare opportunity to purchase the last Virtual Airline Mugs as shown:
International delivery WAS available.
See eBay Item No: 142203176802
Note: Approx. £1.00 from the sale will be added to the community funds - this is the 'Profit' element.


Posted by Tim Walters on 08/03/2017


MALCOM is a TeamSpeak Plugin that allows you to use your COM1/COM2 FSX radio to automatically switch channels within TeamSpeak.

MALCOM is NOT installed by the SPUPDATER.

You need to select from the 'Downloads' link above (registered users only).

See for more details.


Posted by Tim Walters on 28/02/2017


It has come to our attention that certain individuals have been promoting Copyright theft on the TeamSpeak server.

I should not have to remind people that this is illegal activity, however it appears necessary.

I have spent the last twenty eight months ensuring that we are not infringing intellectual property rights, but it only takes one individual to put the entire community in jeopardy.

Users who actively engage in this illegal activity will be removed from the community.  I have no choice, as failing to do so would result in a criminal charge against me for aiding and abetting. (Magistrates' Courts Act 1980, section 44)

Tim Walters Director.

ATC Tests now LIVE!

Posted by Tim Walters on 26/01/2017

After some issues with the cache, I can advise that the ATC Tests are now LIVE.

Anyone who has failed any of the ATC tests will have that record reset. This means you can take any failed test again without having to wait one week.

From now on (17:20 UTC - Thursday 26th Jan 2017), if you fail any of the tests you will have to wait one week before being able to take it again.

Be warned and CONCENTRATE!

Tim Walters Group President

Aviation Quiz Retirement

Posted by Tim Walters on 23/01/2017

New ATC Tests will come into force by the end of the week, provisionally, 27th Jan 2017.

We are retiing the Aviation Quiz and making use of some of those questions on the new ATC Tests.

This is still a work in progress, but you will find additional details shortly when they are known.

Thank you all for your attention and continued service to the community.

Tim Walters Group President.


Posted by Tim Walters on 24/12/2016


The MaldAir Group are officially 2 years old today and we would like to thank everyone for being a valued part of the community.

Without you, our members, MaldAir would not be such a great place to be and we cannot thank you enough for making us the success we are.

Some Stats:

4280 registrations in 2 years.  That's over 5 new registrations per day or 178 registrations per month!

15785 flights since MaldAir started their operations.  That's 151 flights per week or an average of 21 flights per day.  Over the last week, we have averaged 40 flights per day.

16,759,633 nautical miles flown.  That's over 16 million nautical miles which is over half way to the planet Mercury!

Simply amazing pilots!

The Birthday Party will start on TeamSpeak right after the Landing Competition at 20:00UTC where the President will be available to take questions.

Hope to see you there!

Tim Walters Group President

Rare Opportunity!

Posted by Tim Walters on 06/12/2016

This is a rare opportunity to purchase one of five original Virtual Airline Mugs as shown:


We are expecting delivery of these items to the office around the 13th December for onward distribution.
We cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas if you are purchasing from outside the UK.
The earliest that these items can arrive at your premises would be 16th December 2016 for UK buyers.
International delivery is available.
See eBay Item No: 142203176802
Note: Approx. £1.00 from each sale will be added to the community funds - this is the 'Profit' element.

ATC Service Notification

Posted by Tim Walters on 27/11/2016


ATCs who provide service are expected to provide a minimum of one hour service.

ATCs that decide to leave before they have completed the whole hour will be notified and that time will be removed from their service record automatically.

Pilots need time to set up their systems, trackers, study maps, procedures etc. and they need to know you will be available to provide service.

By ensuring you will provide a minimum of one hours service, they are more likely to make use of that service.


Posted by Tim Walters on 26/10/2016




Posted by Tim Walters on 07/10/2016

Forty thousand hours flown and over 15 million miles!

That's to the moon and back 36 times!

Keep up the great work pilots!


Posted by Tim Walters on 24/09/2016

Congratulations to Callum Jones for being the successful bidder on the MaldAir Mouse Mat.

I hope you enjoy!


Posted by Tim Walters on 15/09/2016


Hello, I am Maria, the MaldAir Groups' self trained Secretary who's job title is the "MaldAir Robot Icon Assigner".

I have held the position for 14 months and I am regarded as an invaluable asset to the community, being available 24/7.

You can contact me directly with any questions you have about me or my duties by emailing

Best Wishes and Safe Flying!


Posted by Tim Walters on 04/09/2016


A change has occurred with MAGHOPS.  Instead of a route being randomly selected each week, you can now place a vote against your preference.

The system will select the most popular route for next week immediately after the last event has expired and votes will be reset to zero for that route.

You can vote once per week.

Click HERE to place your vote.

Survey Results

Posted by Tim Walters on 02/09/2016

The 2016 survey results are now available


The Outrage Saga

Posted by Tim Walters on 22/08/2016

The "Outrage Saga"

A Day in the Life of the MaldAir Group Director

It should be an interersting read...

ASI Launch

Posted by Tim Walters on 14/08/2016

Our affiliate airline, ASI STAR Virtual is now live!

Click HERE to visit.

New Affiliate Airline

Posted by Tim Walters on 07/08/2016

Dear Pilots

We can advise that the MaldAir Group will be including a new airline as an affiliate in the next week or so.  The name is yet to be decided but we can tell you that it will be based in and around the Asian continent.

Further details are a little sketchy at the moment and we will update you on progress.

Tim Walters Group President


Posted by Tim Walters on 04/08/2016

The MaldAir Group will now show adverts to users WHO HAVE NOT donated to the community both on the websites and Trackers.

This is for three reasons:

1. Those who have donated are rewarded with an ad-free experience.

2. Those who have not donated will still be assisting the MaldAir Group finances.

3. It will hopefully encourage those who have not donated to do so.

Thank you to everyone who has donated - we all appreciate it!

KangAir Purchase

Posted by Tim Walters on 28/07/2016

We can advise that the KangAir transfer of ownership to the MaldAir Group is now complete.  The KangAir Tracker V2 is NOW available using the MaldAir Group Service Pack Updater (which itself has been upgraded to V6.00) available from the downloads page.

Looking forward to your continued service pilots on KangAir!

Tim Walters
MaldAir Group President

Group Promo Video

Posted by Tim Walters on 23/07/2016

As we have run out of ideas that would make any promotional video outdated, we have finally published a promotional video for the MaldAir Group Concept. We were also waiting to find the right music to come our way which, thankfully, it did.

With all the concepts available within the Group the video could easily have been an hour long - but we have cut it down to a few minutes so as not to send anyone to sleep who has a short attention span.


Posted by Tim Walters on 13/07/2016

Our new incident reporting system is now online.


for more details.

MALCOM Released!

Posted by Tim Walters on 04/07/2016


MALCOM is a TeamSpeak Plugin that allows you to use your COM1/COM2 FSX radio to move channels within TeamSpeak. It is installed automatically by the MaldAir Group Service Pack Updater but it is NOT enabled by default.

See for more details.

2016 Member Survey

Posted by Tim Walters on 21/06/2016

The results will be published early September.

Tracker V2

Posted by Tim Walters on 18/06/2016

Version 2 of the MaldAir Tracker is now available and now includes the option to fly Charter flights.

Hope you enjoy the new verison!

Tim Walters
MaldAir Group President


Posted by Tim Walters on 04/06/2016

MAGHOPS is now released and you will have noticed adjustments to the main menu above.  Please take the time to look around and maybe suggest some hop routes.

The 'Schedules' menu and 'Shop' menu have been made submenus of the 'Pilots' menu.

Do note that development work of the MaldAir and EurOzone Trackers V2.00 is ongoing.  This will allow for Charter flights upon release.  This means you can make a tracked flight to any airport that exists in FSX by default or choose from the existing schedules.

Safe Flying!

Tim Walters
MaldAir Group President


Posted by Tim Walters on 03/04/2016


Thanks to everyone who has joined us in the skies!

A NEW Affiliate Airline!

Posted by Tim Walters on 10/03/2016 are proud to announce the introduction of a new affiliate airline.

After lengthly negotiations and the handing over of millions of Australian Dollars, KangAir have teamed up with MaldAir to assist us with flights in and around the Oceana region.

This area covers Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu and many more smaller islands.

The team over at KangAir look forward to your service!

FragileAir Launch

Posted by Tim Walters on 21/01/2016

The FragileAir Tracker has now been published and is available by using the MaldAir Group Service Pack Updater.

Note that the SPUpdater is now at V4.00 and will need to be downloaded, installed and ran again before you can choose the FragileAir concept.

We also have four aircraft available with plans to add more as time allows.

If you have any questions, please email


Happy Birthday!

Posted by Tim MaldAir President on 25/12/2015

Christmas and New Year Statement

Firstly, let me wish you all the best Christmas and Happy New Year.  To all you who got a new computer for Christmas, I am jealous!

Secondly, I would like to thank those pilots who flew to EFRO this month, thereby assisting our sister airline EurOzone get those children up to Lapland to see Santa.  We managed 20 additional flights which helped them out greatly.

MaldAir is now officially one year old as of yesterday and we have had a very neat 2222 pilot registrations, six hundred and eighty five thousand hits to the website and eighteen thousand hours of flight time.  For a relatively new Airline, this is simply astonishing and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for making the MaldAir Server THE most popular session on FSX:Steam Edition.

I would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to Zak Adams for donating the most to the community and thank all our other donators for keeping us going.  There have been some changes to the networking infrastructure at the Directors offices and costs will be significantly less since November 2015 but we do still need your donations to cover the costs of maintaining the website.  If you've got any cash left over from Santa's visit - then do remember our needs and click on that button on the right!

Some important news is that the MaldAir group of companies will be extending in the next few months as we are entering the Cargo/Consignment/Parcel market.  This is still in development but the plan is to have parcels rather than schedules.  Anyone can have a parcel delivered to and from any of our (and EurOzones) regular airports and the parcels will be tracked and emails sent when a parcel reaches the destination, gets closer to its destination or has any other significant event (such as damage due to a hard landing or interception by Customs Officials).  You can create parcels for yourself to deliver or for anyone else to deliver.  If you successfully deliver the parcel, you will be paid.  If you damage the parcel (with a hard landing) then YOU will have to pay the sender compensation.  Do note that Customs Officials will confiscate certain consignments if anything illegal is found during searches.

The name of the new airline is FRAGILEAIR.  With a name like that, you will appreciate that we take our job responsibly and any landing harder than -400fpm or excessive bank angles etc. WILL damage the cargo.  This airline is for pilots who are very good at landing!

FRAGILEAIR is a work in progress and we hope to 'deliver' (safely) the final concept around mid February 2016.  We will, of course, publish the release of FRAGILEAIR on the MaldAir group websites.

Wishing a Happy Birthday and wishing you all a Happy New Year.

Tim Walters Group Director


Posted by Tim MaldAir President on 06/12/2015


To cut down on the number of 'registered' pilots, we have and will continue to clear down the database by removing any pilots who have not logged into the website or any of our utilities for over six months.  This will remove ALL data associated with that account.

To remain listed, just log into the website pilot!


Posted by Tim MaldAir President on 18/11/2015

To cope with the substantial demand for trips to Lapland over the coming month, we have added Rovaniemi Airport (EFRO) to the schedules of both MaldAir and EurOzone.

You will also note that EurOzone have added a special Christmas repaint (photo) to their fleet for December and an added feature at Rovaniemi Airport.

Pilots from either airline can use this aircraft, but to obtain it, you will have to select the EurOzone concept inside our Service Pack Updater.

Wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and thank you for your continued and valued service for our airlines!

MaldAir/EurOzone Director

NEW ATC Statistics

Posted by Tim MaldAir President on 14/09/2015

Click HERE for the stats!

Survey Results!

Posted by Tim MaldAir President on 01/09/2015

The 2015 Survey has ended.

Please click HERE to see the results!

Stunning performance!

Posted by Tim MaldAir President on 31/08/2015

We have achieved another milestone!  Keep up the great work guys - we are now officially in the top 50 airlines worldwide which is excellent as we are only 8 months old.

NEW TeamSpeak Skin

Posted by Tim Walters on 15/08/2015


Available from the Downloads menu option above. Accident

Posted by Tim MaldAir President on 03/08/2015




Yesterday, one of our aircraft slid off the end of the runway at Manchester (EGCC) due to significant rainfall as is often common at Manchester.
All passengers were evacuated safely and no passengers were injured.


The pilot's pride has been injured, but we have forgiven him due to the treacherous conditions.
We actually blame the Airport Facilities Director for keeping the airport open during this prolonged torrential storm.

Legal wranglings have only just begun and we expect them to go on for some time.


The aircraft was damaged beyond repair.



If you are interested in joining an airline that values its pilots and offers
over 112,000 schedules globally, then do take the time to join.


Safe flying!


NEW Cessna C172SP Skyhawk

Posted by Tim Walters on 26/07/2015

Cessna 172SP Skyhawk NOW AVAILABLE!

Downloadable by using the Service Pack Updater available to registered members.

*NEW* Boeing 777-200 LR

Posted by Tim Walters on 10/07/2015

BOEING 777-200 Long Range NOW AVAILABLE!

Downloadable by using the Service Pack Updater available to registered members.

More great news!

Posted by Tim Walters on 05/07/2015

Well done pilots - we have yet reached another milestone!

Great News!

Posted by Tim Walters on 18/06/2015

Well done guys - we have reached another milestone!

New Landing Sites and Aircraft

Posted by Tim Walters on 24/03/2015

The Maldivian Government, who subsidise the airline heavily, have been concerned with the dwindling number of flights provided in the Maldives. This concern has caused us to purchase a fleet of 38 new Dash Twin Otter Float planes to fly passengers to the islands which consist of 30 landing sites (all begin with VRxx in the schedules), 21 of them being the islands which are the administrative capitals of the 21 Administrative Areas, plus 9 resort islands. We need you, as a pilot, to get passengers where they need to be.

The landing sites function in exactly the same way as regular airports. You can set one as a departure and another as a destination, and use the Flight Planner to create a VFR route between them, which will display on the GPS. This is often vital, as the islands are tiny and finding them in the emptiness of the Indian Ocean can be tricky.

Once again, we ask pilots to fly these routes or the Government will withdraw their funding and this could result in serious hardship for MaldAir.

Click HERE for detailed information on the landing sites in the Maldives.

ATC Subscription Service

Posted by Tim Walters on 23/02/2015

We have a new service that can notify you when an ATC begins service.

Click HERE for more information.

New Shop Item

Posted by Tim Walters on 22/02/2015 Virtual Shop have been in contact with the merchandise suppliers and they have given us limited stock of the new MaldAir Desktop Jet.

This is an experimental item and it has not been fully tested.  If it implodes while in use, we blame the mechanics...  The item can be found in the Shop link above for registered users.  Please remember to buy a battery!

Tim Walters
MaldAir President

MaldAir Fraud Investigation

Posted by Tim Walters on 06/02/2015


MaldAir has been under suspicion for accepting fake Pilot Reports (PIREPs) and the external auditors have discovered some pilots have indeed been passing, what appear to be, fakes.

This is a VERY serious matter and the pilots involved have been dealt with swiftly and effectively.

As the President of the airline I am partly responsible for overlooking these reports as I have been far too busy with development work to keep a close eye on the reports coming in.

This will no longer be the case.  Development work is pretty much complete and I will be looking at these reports much more closely than before.

Take note: Pilots found to be submitting false reports will have those reports rejected, a fine imposed and possible dismissal from MaldAir.

I apologise to the pilots who have been genuine in their submissions.  Such actions by the minority will not be accepted.  We ask everyone to be vigilant.

Yours Sincerely

Tim Walters
MaldAir President

Jan 2015 Report

Posted by Tim Walters on 01/02/2015

Hello all pilots.

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for flying for the airline, it has been a remarkable month. We started out as a very small airline covering the Maldivian archipelago and have now moved to the global market. I think you will agree with me that to do this in the space of one month is exceptional.

Here are some stats for you:

30,000 hits to the website this month.
1,190 unique visitors this month.
A steady increase in the average number of visitors each day.
312,417nm flown this month.
136 registered pilots.
466 flights in total.
864 hours of flight time.
9 new aircraft added to the fleet.
28,000 new scheduled routes.
258 new destinations.
New Virtual Airline Shop.
Virtual Shop profit of EURO: 2,666.86 having sold 34 products.
EURO: 55,486,425.67 in the virtual bank.

All great news.

Wishing you a warm and cosy February!

Tim Walters
MaldAir President

Welcome to Virtual

Posted by Tim Walters on 24/12/2014

Welcome Pilots to the Virtual Airline - with its main hub in the Republic of the Maldives in the middle of the Indian Ocean/Arabian Sea with internal routes between the islands and now with thousands of global link flights bringing lucky people to this stunningly beautiful country.

Our main hub is at ICAO: VRMM - Male on Hulule Island, the capital of the Republic of the Maldives. We shall be adding more hubs shortly, once the company shareholders have had their meetings and made their decisions.

Please take the time to read the Company Rules and the FAQ's to get started. All the software required to start flying for is available in the download section after you have registered.

We have a TeamSpeak 3 server which replaces the stock communications on FSX and allows for social chat away from the live ATC frequencies. Please visit to download the client and then connect to our TeamSpeak 3 server using the address:

The stock FSX communications system is quite useless so if you want to use ATC we strongly recommend using TeamSpeak as serious ATCs will be using this system as the quality is far superior and stable.

All the best and three greens always!

Tim Walters
MaldAir President

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