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We are busy working to bring the MaldAir.com Group Concept and DTG Flight Sim World (FSW) together.


Step 1: Establish a permanent multiplayer server - COMPLETED 21st May 2017.

Step 2: Rewrite MaldAir Tracker to implement SimConnect and remove reliance on FSUIPC and test - COMPLETED 26th May 2017.

Step 3: Rewrite the Service Pack Updater (V9) to include FSW - COMPLETED 27th May 2017.

Step 4: Test the Service Pack Updater - COMPLETED 27th May 2017.

Step 5: Release the Service Pack Updater (V9) - V9 COMPLETED 29th May 2017.

Step 6: Add MaldAir Tracker to the SPUpdater  - MAL COMPLETED 29th May 2017.

Step 7: Add other airline Trackers to the SPUpdater - EOZ and KAN COMPLETED 29th May 2017.   FragileAir will be added later.

Step 8: Attempt liveries - TESTED - APPEARS FEASIBLE - IN PROGRESS.

MAGLAS, MAGHOPS, MALITARY and EUSART will need a significant re-write.  These will be delayed for some time.

The ATC Utility and PILOT Utility will 'work' though there is no way to obtain radar coverage at this stage to my knowledge.

To join our voice server, please see:  http://comms.maldair.com.

More will be added and/or updated as time progresses.  Check back again soon.

Tim Walters
MaldAir Group President

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