Hello Pilot

Firstly, thanks for dropping by. We would like you to join the airline and take advantage of all it has to offer.

We have routes all around the world and special internal flights in and around the Maldivian islands with many water based landings.

We have an online commuinity where you can chat with like minded people using our TeamSpeak server and we also have active ATCs available in special TeamSpeak channels on a regular basis.

Anyone can be an ATC here - we have no rules or tests, exams or medicals. All we ask is that you can read! If you think you are good enough to save pilots and passengers from potential disaster, then WE NEED YOU as an ATC! We have custom software to make ATC a little easier and special software to allow pilots to file flight plans.

If you wish to be an ATC or use the ATC services, they operate on TeamSpeak only and further details can be found HERE.

We also have a Virtual Shop where you can buy goods with the money you have earned as a pilot and our own bespoke tracking software for logging your flights for the airline.

If you think you'd like to get involved, then do join the airline as so many of these facilities are only available to registered users.

Once again, thanks for dropping by!

Tim Walters
MaldAir President

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