The Outrage Saga

A Day in the Life of the MaldAir Group Director

This should make an interesting read.

I was approached by YYY after a user ZZZ had advertised a competitor project on The MaldAir Group TeamSpeak server.

What follows is the whole unedited eMail thread except that names and profanity have been changed/removed.

Subject:  Outrage

TIM, would you care to tell me exactly why I was banned for requesting that a so called friend join a different team speak to save so many people changing channels to try and arrange a group flight of 10 people on the maldair server using maldair trackers 

If I had made a public request then fine I would accept it but no I knew the rules of public advertising and how my request come be seen !!!!! so I sent it as a private message !!!!

I have been wrongly banned for a crime as it was labelled by YYY that never even took place I insist this ban is lifted immediately

I have been loyal to maldair for years back when it first started this is a blatant vindictive manoeuvre and I'm disappointed a man of you calibre who have detected this to be false


May I remind you that I am a volunteer (we all are) who does not get paid for running these servers and that our donators get seriously annoyed when people come on to our servers trying to dilute and steal the users I and our members have worked so hard to gain.

Insisting the ban be removed immediately is both arrogant and naive.

I attach TeamSpeak Rule 1 for your perusal:

1. Advertising competitor projects that are NOT affiliated with or part of the MaldAir Group.
We have spent and continue to spend hundreds of pounds and thousands of hours of development work to get the MaldAir Group and its affiliates to where they are today.  We do not appreciate users trying to steal members of our community (or our content).  If YOU witness anyone advertising their non-affiliated projects here, please report it to with full details and logs.

Your MAL ID: ZZZZ suggests you joined three months ago, not 'years' as stated.

The ban will be lifted 17:57 BST this coming Monday 22nd.

Tim Walters BA(Hons), SAC(Dip)

May I also remind you that false acquisition should be met with a harsher punishment than that of the alleged incident 

Firstly malZZZZ is my most recent mal I.d due to bring a victim of house robbery

Secondly the request was made to malYYY via a private message via steam! YOU tell me how I done anything wrong when it was in a private message via a client that is not in relation to maldair other than a server provider

Like I said if my request to mal YYY was via the  mald air public chat ts3 server I would accept it but as I have already stated to You

I'm fully aware of the rules hence my choosing to use a private message to try and arrange a group flight on your va these people who were all prepared to fly on mald air act server after downloading the software are all from other airlines wanting to fully experience different airlines mald air va is very unique in its software offerings

So whilst I'm clearly wasting my time trying to recruit new members (be loyal) I get some jumped up little **** malYYY YYYYY YYYY getting me banned it's a deliberate attack

And your just going to allow it to happen it's disgusting

The way this has made me feel is unbelievable I thought you where a team player Tim

Clearly money talks louder than loyality 
I'm 27years old malYYY was still sucking his momma when I started flying on maldair 

More so I'm not arrogant nor am I naive I'm entitled to fight my corner when this vendictive manoeuvre is more false than a page 3 models chest 

If this ban isn't lifted immediately and malYYY given the exact same punishment of not more much more than I will have no choice but to remove my self and my loyality that also include that of 30 other pilots that have registered soley down to me 

I'm what's know and a zero gain recruiter unlike YYY he does anything to further gain his own position that is not the desired quality of any pilot of friend 

I expect a full report of how you investigated the allogation to find truth

I also expect punishment to fall on malYYY to its full extent for false allogations slanderous comments and being a complete snake 

At the point in time I hold no grudge with you Tim until such time we discuss investigation proceedures of which I beleive to have been acted in a careless and no investigation took place

I trust this will be recified as soon as the actual facts become clear following actual investigation

I'm happy to provide evidence to support my case at any point during the investigation

Kind regards

I await tangible evidence from you.

I also request your permission to forward this to YYY so he may respond appropriately.

Can you inform me of your old MAL ID and the email address associated with it?

Tim Walters BA(Hons), SAC(Dip)

I will compile evidence

Unfortunately I can not confirm a mal I.d it's been a while of saying malZZZZ now

My name is 
I live in birmingham (uk) if your able to track my name like that .

I give permission for YYY to defend him self in and audible format only this correspondence is for you the director nowhere near as colourful I have much more to say to YYY rest asured

YYY does not need your permission to defend himself.

My question was, can I forward your previous tirade?

Tim Walters BA(Hons), SAC(Dip)

I never said he did!!!!.

however what I did say was  I doubt he will do it via audible means (hides behind his keyboard)

Now due to the nature of steam I can not provide a picture of the chat to prove this because messages get deleted

Also at no point was this message public it's your server you prove it wasn't private you look back who the client logs actually investigate Tim ffs

You know all my questions are slowly being answered through your ignorance to deal with this effectively 

Shall I pay you £250 and purchase  buy an affiliate airline does that put me into a preferred position to where I can be vendictive and malicious 

ABSOLUTE JOKE send me ya banking info

Corruption strikes again

I prefer eMails as we all have a record of what is said as things cannot be 'unsaid' or denied.

I banned you by right clicking your name in the TeamSpeak Main window so you were clearly on TeamSpeak at some point during this incident.

2016-08-20 16:52:37.265090|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|  1| client connected 'ZZZ'(id:6573) from
2016-08-20 16:54:03.261645|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|  1| client disconnected 'ZZZ'(id:6573) reason 'reasonmsg=leaving'
2016-08-20 16:57:49.256055|INFO    |VirtualServer |  1| ban added reason='Do NOT advertise UFS on here.' cluid='8ONYMSYKno2PyPPKr3+YXwt/iSw=' bantime=172800 by client 'MAGLAS.MALDAIR.COM 17:00 UTC'(id:95)
2016-08-20 16:57:49.256055|INFO    |VirtualServer |  1| ban added reason='Do NOT advertise UFS on here.' ip='Z.ZZ.ZZZ.ZZZ' bantime=172800 by client 'MAGLAS.MALDAIR.COM 17:00 UTC'(id:95)

Chat logs are not retained on the TeamSpeak server but you do have the option, as does YYY, to log chat locally if you have enabled the option.

Tim Walters BA(Hons), SAC(Dip).

Correct I was in team speak I was in 3 chats ufs mal and eliteprem   I'm a member of all ****** three of course I was on team speak

Look If you cant find any actual evidence to support the allogations even actually taking place in a manner that broke the rules .

Then the van must be lifted as no hard evidence can actually be provided any one can c&p a chat script but where is the proof the messages took place on ts3 maldair 

You know banning me was wrong right actually policy should be to contact me you have my contact details should you need them so why not use them 

I missed out on a 12 hour flight last night that took me 3 weeks to organise....... now i look ****** stupid making promise I can't deliver

Thanks a lot 

As previously advised, the ban will be lifted 17:57 BST this coming Monday 22nd.

You were only on the MaldAir TeamSpeak for 84 seconds during this incident.

I am awaiting evidence (if any) from YYY.

If you are arranging a group flight with different communities, do you not think it would be a good idea to inform me?

Tim Walters BA(Hons), SAC(Dip)

See this is just my point of with this virtual airline isnt really going anywhere because you allow all the wrong people to make judgement calls and cloud your vision of the situation 

I feel like I know more about how to deal with this efficiently what you yes I am a professional manager but this is meant to be your baby 

I don't understand the procedures that should if not already be in place haven't been acted upon 

If you are a 'professional manager' why resort to swear words and threats?

High Emotion = Poor Performance.

Tim Walters BA(Hons), SAC(Dip)

Swearing is inputted in provide insight to the shear outrage I'm experiencing At the moment...

Also I have made zero threats I have only stayed what my actions will be following these been remaining active and zero action is taken against MalYYY I will also use my vast va social media connections not for slander but to provide factual insight into how the conduct of the maldair group and affiliates 

I'm a Nut shell it could be highly damaging 
As the facts of the case clearly display no evidence therefore zero grounds to keep this ban active 

My pending actions list is clear and precise but is flexible should the maldair director allow a bit of democracy into this twisted web of one sided lies 

This is my final attempt to inject some sensible thought another will not follow

With respect you have been advised 


"nowhere near as colourful I have much more to say to YYY rest asured"

This is a threat.

"I will also use my vast va social media connections not for slander but to provide factual insight into how the conduct of the maldair director and it's asi star affiliate director"

This is a threat.

"I'm a Nut shell it could be highly damaging"

This is a threat.

Your language throughout the thread is also threatening.

Your initial email to me was worded as if you owned both myself and the MaldAir Group concept.

Tim Walters BA(Hons), SAC(Dip)

I mean come on Tim who just bans someone on the word of a jumped up yankie 15 year old it rediculas 

I really think you need to reposition the structure of infringement investigations

At the moment there is no clear and structured proceedure that you can copy to me to explain how you came to the findings that the incident even took place 
When you have failed to even gain the chat script

If I was you I would just swallow what pride you got left from this save losing my respect ...and act accordingly to this vindictive and malicious attack acted up on soley by malYYY

"and act accordingly to this vindictive and malicious attack acted up on soley by malYYY"

Lets study the word 'vindictive'.

"having or showing a strong or unreasoning desire for revenge."

Do explain to me what you did to MALYYYY prior to this incident that would make him want to exact his revenge.

Tim Walters BA(Hons), SAC(Dip)

I've done nothing to YYY we were flying together the other day he was playing his guitar over ma ts3 to me like two day ago Tim

He made some comment yesterday but when I challenged him he couldn't or would give any reasons or anything I had done wrong so if you can provide me with a cause then I'm happy to consider it although I put my car on the fact it will be either a pathetic excuse for this ******** or a blatent lie

So if it's either of those I will action my predetermined structure

Maybe it would be a good idea to advise YYY of the risk but it won't affect him so he won't care ??? 

Eitherway you know you should lift the ban due to lacking evidence..


Because as far as I can see from the last 3 hours is you really haven't got a clue

As you have continued the threats, I have no other option but to remove you from our systems.

I wish you luck in the future.

Tim Walters BA(Hons), SAC(Dip)

I think you will find my first email as worded as very angry maldair member

How am I meant to reach for being wrongly banned


I would be grateful if you could explain ZZZ's actions last night that resulted in the ban.

Tim Walters BA(Hons), SAC(Dip)

He joined the TS3, and private messaged me to join the UFS and has been trying to get me to go over there for a few weeks now, as far as I understand it UFS is a competitor group. ZZZ has said little of what they are, only tried to get me over there and stop using MaldAir claiming that they're "better" than MaldAir.  He already got one person: QQQQQ QQQQQQQQ, to go over there and since then I haven't seen either of them.

<11:52:21> "ZZZ": come join me n QQQQ bro
<11:52:25> "ZZZ": ZZ.ZZZ.ZZZ.ZZ
<11:52:38> "ZZZ": universal flight server
<11:52:43> "YYY": i'll...pass

There is also an entire skype conversation with ZZZ available on request that occurred after the ban.

<11:52:21> "ZZZ": come join me n QQQQ bro
<11:52:25> "ZZZ": ZZ.ZZZ.ZZZ.ZZ
<11:52:38> "ZZZ": universal flight server
<11:52:43> "YYY": i'll...pass
Tim Walters BA(Hons), SAC(Dip)

I have not, as yet, received any response from ZZZ and I have subsequently blocked the users email from arriving anyway.

Final Comment

I continued this dialog as it appeared the user was attempting to prove that his advertising effort was done on Steam whereas further responses and evidence appeared to show he advertised on our server.  This appears to be proved by YYY providing the chat log.  I would like to thank YYY (you know who you are sir) for having the foresight to retain the communication.  It didn't have any bearing on the outcome of the subsequent perma-ban due to the threats, but it was nonetheless useful to proving our case after the fact.

I would suggest to all users that competitor communities who appear desperate to recruit pilots illegitimately and in a underhand fashion, may have very little to offer long term.  I would ask that our users do not advertise MaldAir to other communities as it does our reputation and that of the FSX:Steam community as a whole, no good whatsoever.  Pilots have and will continue to find us regardless.
I would also advise ALL users of the MaldAir Group systems that using our resources to recruit, or appear to recuit individuals to a competitor concept will result in a ban of an undetermined length, whether that be in a private chat or in channel.

It takes a lot of work to convince pilots to donate and our donators expect me to take action to prevent their kind donations (the communities resources) being stolen by competitor actions.

In case you were wondering what I was doing with the rest of my 'day in the life of', I was making some bug fixes to the Trackers, publishing the updates, developing procedures for the Airport Security concept (don't ask), responding to emails, updating the TS3 VPN blocking system, editing databases, negotiating the sale of websites (don't ask) and backing up various things.

I apologise/apologize to our user base for not being able to fly or control much, but as you can see I am somewhat busy behind the scenes and this is a regular daily occurrence.

I would like to thank our donators for keeping the MaldAir Concept alive and I promise to protect your kind donations with vigour.
I would also like to thank our ATCs for providing a regular and most enjoyable service.
I would similarly like to thank our pilots for your continued commitment, attendance and valued serivce.

Fly safe!

Tim Walters BA(Hons), SAC(Dip) Group Director

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