The MaldAir Group Promo Video

The MaldAir Group Service Pack Updater
How to install and use.

The Maldair Group Service Pack Updater will download and install all our latest offerings, including all the aircraft liveries for MaldAir, EurOzone, FragileAir, EUSART, MAlitary, Trackers, the PILOT/ATC Utilities and custom airports. It should be run regularly to ensure you get all the latest stuff we publish!  The Service Pack Updater has undergone some changes since this video was made, but the principal is the same.

FSUIPC Installation

To record and send us your flight you need to use the MaldAir/EurOzone Tracker and have FSUIPC installed. Here we have a video on how to install FSUIPC correctly. Tracker software
and an ILS approach

To record and send us your flight you need to use the Trackers. Here we have a demo how to use it and an example of an ILS approach into Newcastle (EGNT).

The MaldAir Group ATC and PILOT Utility Intro

An intoduction to using the MaldAir Group ATC and PILOT Utilities.

More to come...

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