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GEMINI1Clemens Eigenwillig41303112558786378 mins20th Aug 2017
GEMINI2Gianni Messina361510361510869 mins20th Aug 2017
GEMINI3Michael Janezic150912341591598815 mins20th Aug 2017
GEMINI4Janjyot Soora134221342281 mins22nd Aug 2017
GEMINI5Charlie Yonkura1328117923171006 mins11th Aug 2017
GEMINI6Harry Loraine5511551194 mins21st Aug 2017
TAURUS100Tim Walters0042307303062 mins17th Aug 2017
TAURUS201Nils-Mateo Dosch0071186362 mins30th Jul 2017
TAURUS250Ivan Korostashev00266811450 mins25th Jul 2017
TAURUS308Ayejay Willis00000 mins21st Aug 2017
TAURUS398Ronald Dillard00000 mins19th Jul 2017
TAURUS401Lewis Jon00000 mins21st Jul 2017
TAURUS402Lenny Cook001352152 mins25th Jul 2017
TAURUS403Zack Jay00000 mins27th Jul 2017
TAURUS404Tomer Torgeman00000 mins29th Jul 2017
TAURUS405Bruce Williams00000 mins5th Aug 2017
TAURUS406Jezzardo Ell00000 mins29th Jul 2017
TAURUS407Jack Hayward00000 mins29th Jul 2017
TAURUS408Abrahim Elrachid00806198 mins3rd Aug 2017
TAURUS409Lukas De Beule00000 mins6th Aug 2017
TAURUS410Matthew Hughes00000 mins11th Aug 2017
TAURUS411Joshua Adamson00000 mins12th Aug 2017
TAURUS412Hueseyin Kaymaz00000 mins12th Aug 2017
TAURUS413Brayanandres Moran00000 mins13th Aug 2017
TAURUS414Tommaso Celano00000 mins13th Aug 2017
TAURUS416Forrest Honeycutt00000 mins20th Aug 2017
TAURUS417Vojta Novak00000 mins21st Aug 2017

The squadron membership is achieved as follows:

Squadron NameIconDescription
TAURUS Squadron To be on the TAURUS Squadron, you need to have set up the MAlitary Radio correctly and NOT be in the top ten pilots for THIS month AND have done at least one flight this month AND have a positive score.
GEMINI Squadron To gain a position on the GEMINI Squadron, you must be one of the top ten scoring pilots for THIS month. You will revert back to the TAURUS Squadron at the beginning of each month and you will have to earn your spot in GEMINI again. The scoring system details can be found HERE.



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