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GEMINI1Brian Dimenza9375742145331723 mins13th Dec 2017
GEMINI2Casper Mikkelborg829471822318843 mins14th Dec 2017
GEMINI3Michael Janezic7970530129720311641 mins9th Dec 2017
GEMINI4Ben Lewis151612357294 mins11th Dec 2017
GEMINI5Nino Saareks1332128972244 mins10th Dec 2017
GEMINI6Caleb Lane125711257149 mins12th Dec 2017
GEMINI7Ansgar Oedman111911119166 mins9th Dec 2017
TAURUS100Tim Walters0042307303062 mins12th Dec 2017
TAURUS132Cole Duren00-5443250 mins23rd Nov 2017
TAURUS297Clemens Eigenwillig00123612867197 mins5th Nov 2017
TAURUS380Charlie Yonkura0017923171006 mins10th Dec 2017
TAURUS395Bjarne Jakus00000 mins7th Nov 2017
TAURUS422David Arman00-8494199 mins25th Nov 2017
TAURUS454Jeremy Oppenheim001834277 mins5th Nov 2017
TAURUS455Hayden Lech00000 mins5th Nov 2017
TAURUS456Kas Vanzelst00000 mins15th Nov 2017
TAURUS457Oscar Taylor00995145 mins3rd Dec 2017
TAURUS458Mathew Davis00000 mins20th Nov 2017
TAURUS459Joshue Dowling00000 mins21st Nov 2017
TAURUS460Karl Schroeder00000 mins29th Nov 2017
TAURUS462Jack Pearson00000 mins10th Dec 2017
TAURUS463Marks Indriksons00000 mins7th Dec 2017
TAURUS464Lenny Colton00000 mins9th Dec 2017

The squadron membership is achieved as follows:

Squadron NameIconDescription
TAURUS Squadron To be on the TAURUS Squadron, you need to have set up the MAlitary Radio correctly and NOT be in the top ten pilots for THIS month AND have done at least one flight this month AND have a positive score.
GEMINI Squadron To gain a position on the GEMINI Squadron, you must be one of the top ten scoring pilots for THIS month. You will revert back to the TAURUS Squadron at the beginning of each month and you will have to earn your spot in GEMINI again. The scoring system details can be found HERE.



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