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GEMINI1Michael Janezic15499926837918110220 mins17th Oct 2017
GEMINI2Brian Dimenza121009121009468 mins17th Oct 2017
GEMINI3Glyn Price116669116669584 mins17th Oct 2017
GEMINI4Jimmy Cats383439179151242 mins5th Oct 2017
GEMINI5Clemens Eigenwillig19361119381836934 mins1st Oct 2017
GEMINI6Caleb Jackson5142514273 mins17th Oct 2017
TAURUS100Tim Walters0042307303062 mins15th Oct 2017
TAURUS199Chris Mo0017432171450 mins12th Sep 2017
TAURUS289Tomas Alves00000 mins3rd Oct 2017
TAURUS366Gabriel Buck00000 mins27th Sep 2017
TAURUS394Thomas Smalling001299145 mins21st Sep 2017
TAURUS404Tomer Torgeman0062159 mins2nd Oct 2017
TAURUS415Gianni Messina00361510869 mins9th Oct 2017
TAURUS424Fin Riley00814139 mins23rd Sep 2017
TAURUS426Mauco Diaz00403182 mins15th Oct 2017
TAURUS430Jeffrey Belk00000 mins12th Sep 2017
TAURUS431Jonathan Vanden Akker00000 mins23rd Sep 2017
TAURUS432Ryan Ingham00711155 mins30th Sep 2017
TAURUS433Ugur Islier00000 mins3rd Oct 2017
TAURUS435David Ribeiro00000 mins8th Oct 2017
TAURUS436Christopher Harris00000 mins7th Oct 2017
TAURUS437Laura Davies00000 mins15th Oct 2017
TAURUS438Roman Razvan00000 mins13th Oct 2017
TAURUS441Christopher Sherman00000 mins16th Oct 2017
TAURUS442Matthew Stevenson00000 mins18th Oct 2017

The squadron membership is achieved as follows:

Squadron NameIconDescription
TAURUS Squadron To be on the TAURUS Squadron, you need to have set up the MAlitary Radio correctly and NOT be in the top ten pilots for THIS month AND have done at least one flight this month AND have a positive score.
GEMINI Squadron To gain a position on the GEMINI Squadron, you must be one of the top ten scoring pilots for THIS month. You will revert back to the TAURUS Squadron at the beginning of each month and you will have to earn your spot in GEMINI again. The scoring system details can be found HERE.



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