MAlitary are a virtual team of aviators patrolling the airspace of the MaldAir.com, EurOzone, FragileAir, KangAir and EUSART.org FSX:Steam Server.

At the beginning of the month, a sortie start point is decided by our top ranking soldier (GEMINI1) and it is the responsibility of our soldiers to protect that airspace by flying each sortie.

The sortie route updates every two days.

You must join the sortie hop route at the beginning.

Your progress through the hops will not be possible if you fail to fly the previous hops.

To complete each sortie hop, you have two options.

Option 1:

Teamwork: Members could assemble on the TeamSpeak Server comms.maldair.com and join the MAlitary Operations channel 123.45.  From there, members should arrange themselves into teams as required and take to the skies to patrol the airspace as a squad.  You can do this using a ‘Shared Cockpit’ or as a ‘fleet’ in separate aircraft.  Use your discretion when deciding what to do in order to achieve the necessary results.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are flying online in a multiplayer session and you are under the control of an ATC, you MUST, in all circumstances follow the ATCs instructions.  Remember that arriving aircraft have priority over anything you might need to achieve.  Do NOT badger an ATC for a swift departure if they have any aircraft inbound.

Option 2:

Go it alone:  Not as much fun as flying with your fellow soldiers, but the decision is up to you.  It might be necessary to go it alone if you are behind the rest of the squadron anyway.

Whichever method you choose, the MAlitary Radio will notify both you and the MAlitary Commander when you have successfully flown between the start and end airport on the hop.  With this in mind, the MAlitary Radio must be turned on and ‘RECORDING’ at all times when on a live sortie (by pressing the red ‘Record’ button on the bottom left).

We cannot credit you with completed sorties where the MAlitary Radio is not switched on and recording!

Promotion through the ranks is based upon the Top Secret scoring algorithm.


The MAlitary Radio

Using the radio is very simple.  Just click on the ‘Record’ button at the bottom left when you are at the correct airport and ready to push back.  Hover over the other buttons and knobs for an explanation of what each one does.

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