About BitCoin Mining

If you are AFK, or you are on a very long flight, why not use your computer to mine BitCoins for the community?

REAL money can be earned by simply letting your computer do complex calculations in the background while you are AFK or flying.

The money earned is collated and added to the community funds at intervals which depend on the amount earned.

If your computer is on most of the day, then this is a great option to help us out.

You will also get a TeamSpeak icon while you are mining.


Mining Setup

1. Download the NiceHash Miner from HERE.

2. Extract the NiceHash Miner to a location of your choice.

3. Run the file NiceHashMiner.exe

4. Accept the licence agreements.

5. In the BitCoin Address enter: 1AYA3s15NZTLdsCiLiZnBgttFsfUXJ4C9G
Entering the correct BitCoin Address above will ensure you get your TeamSpeak Icon.

6. In the Worker Name, enter your MALxxxx ID.
Entering your MAL ID above will ensure you get your TeamSpeak Icon.

7. Run the Benchmark
The benchmark will check your hardware and decide on the best method to
mine for BitCoins.  It will take a few minutes to work out the best algorithm.

8. Click 'Start' to begin mining and you are done!



There are some settings you can change to make the Miner less intrusive.  If you stop the miner, the 'Settings' button becomes available.  Click on it, and you will see something similar to that shown below:

The MaldAir Group Office uses the settings shown above.  You will find that these settings will work for you but you should change the Worker Name, Service Location, Language and Display Currency to match your own preferences.

You can get NiceHash to automatically start with Windows by adding a shortcut for NiceHashMiner to your Windows startup group.   (Explorer: shell:startup)

That really is all there is to it.  You can start mining and earning money for the community in five minutes!

Why not give it a try?

The TeamSpeak icon will only be applied when we see your MALxxxx Worker ID as actively mining.

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