Welcome to the Home of EUSART



What is EUSART?

EUSART (pronounced ‘YOUSART’) is an online team of virtual aviators who are responsible for locating, rescuing and recovering casualties and offering practical assistance in emergencies.

Where are EUSART?

EUSART head office is at ICAO: EBOS – Ostend in Belgium.  We also have a training facility – the EUSART TEC – at ICAO: EBSU – St Hubert, also in Belgium.  This training facility gives our helicopter pilots the opportunity to hone their skills before risking life and limb in the real (virtual) world.  Our airspace is on FSX:Steam Edition.

Who is EUSART?

YOU are EUSART.  We welcome anyone from all walks of life to join the EUSART team and to make a difference to virtual lives.

How do I join EUSART?

By registering on this website, you will be able to use the EUSART Pager.

For the downloads, see HERE.