Posted by Tim Walters on 08/03/2017


MALCOM is a TeamSpeak Plugin that allows you to use your COM1/COM2 FSX radio to automatically switch channels within TeamSpeak.

MALCOM is NOT installed by the SPUPDATER.

You need to select from the 'Downloads' link above (registered users only).

See for more details.


Posted by Tim Walters on 28/02/2017


It has come to our attention that certain individuals have been promoting Copyright theft on the TeamSpeak server.

I should not have to remind people that this is illegal activity, however it appears necessary.

I have spent the last twenty eight months ensuring that we are not infringing intellectual property rights, but it only takes one individual to put the entire community in jeopardy.

Users who actively engage in this illegal activity will be removed from the community. I have no choice, as failing to do so would result in a criminal charge against me for aiding and abetting. (Magistrates' Courts Act 1980, section 44)

Tim Walters Director.


Posted by Tim Walters on 11/10/2016

You may have noticed that some of the websites are 'down' insofar they have been moved.

This is to save costs long term on domain renewals.

EurOzone, KangAir, and FragileAir will not be renewed and they have been moved over to the domain. They WILL continue to operate. will be moved over to the domain tomorrow. will remain unchanged as this is the domain used to get the 512 user not-for-profit TeamSpeak licence. A TeamSpeak licence costs a great deal more than a domain renewal!

PLEASE update your bookmarks as necessary.


Posted by Tim Walters on 06/10/2016

I can advise that the transfer to the new host is now complete and that all utilities/trackers should be updated using the MaldAir Group Service Pack Updater Version 7.

Make sure you use V7 of the Service Pack Updater as V6 will give a database error.

All concepts are fully operational.


Posted by Tim Walters on 15/09/2016


Hello, I am Maria, the MaldAir Groups' self trained Secretary who's job title is the "MaldAir Robot Icon Assigner".

I have held the position for 14 months and I am regarded as an invaluable asset to the community, being available 24/7.

You can contact me directly with any questions you have about me or my duties by emailing

Best Wishes and Safe Flying!

Network Downgrade

Posted by Tim Walters on 27/08/2016

All members, please be aware that as donations have been insufficient to cover the costs we will be downgrading the network infrastructure.

What will this mean to our members?

We will lose the 'Free Flight' server at some point. In the middle of September 2016, the TeamSpeak server will be offline for around 12 hours (much less for most of you) whilst the order progresses through, IP addresses change and DNS records update worldwide. I will try to minimise downtime as much as possible. The exact date is unknown.

Tracked flights will be unaffected.

Losing the Free Flight server will be an issue insofar as there may be more rogue aircraft during ATC sessions. To counteract this potential problem, we have implemented an 'Airport Security' concept which will allow a select few to remove those aircraft from the session who choose to disregard ATC instruction.

Do note that this change is not reversible.

I thank everyone for taking the time to populate our services, we will continue on as best we can.

Tim Walters Group President

ASI Launch

Posted by Tim Walters on 14/08/2016

Our affiliate airline, ASI STAR Virtual is now live!

Click HERE to visit.

New Affiliate Airline

Posted by Tim Walters on 07/08/2016

Dear Pilots

We can advise that the MaldAir Group will be including a new airline as an affiliate in the next week or so. The name is yet to be decided but we can tell you that it will be based in and around the Asian continent.

Further details are a little sketchy at the moment and we will update you on progress.

Tim Walters Group President


Posted by Tim Walters on 04/08/2016

The MaldAir Group will now show adverts to users WHO HAVE NOT donated to the community both on the websites and Trackers.

This is for three reasons:

1. Those who have donated are rewarded with an ad-free experience.

2. Those who have not donated will still be assisting the MaldAir Group finances.

3. It will hopefully encourage those who have not donated to do so.

Thank you to everyone who has donated - we all appreciate it!

KangAir Purchase

Posted by Tim Walters on 28/07/2016

We can advise that the KangAir transfer of ownership to the MaldAir Group is now complete. The KangAir Tracker V2 is NOW available using the MaldAir Group Service Pack Updater (which itself has been upgraded to V6.00) available from the downloads page.

Looking forward to your continued service pilots on KangAir!

Tim Walters
MaldAir Group President

Group Promo Video

Posted by Tim Walters on 23/07/2016

As we have run out of ideas that would make any promotional video outdated, we have finally published a promotional video for the MaldAir Group Concept. We were also waiting to find the right music to come our way which, thankfully, it did.

With all the concepts available within the Group the video could easily have been an hour long - but we have cut it down to a few minutes so as not to send anyone to sleep who has a short attention span.


Posted by Tim Walters on 13/07/2016

Our new incident reporting system is now online.


for more details.

MALCOM Released!

Posted by Tim Walters on 04/07/2016


MALCOM is a TeamSpeak Plugin that allows you to use your COM1/COM2 FSX radio to move channels within TeamSpeak. It is installed automatically by the MaldAir Group Service Pack Updater but it is NOT enabled by default.

See for more details.

2016 Member Survey

Posted by Tim Walters on 21/06/2016


Posted by Tim Walters on 04/04/2016

May we remind customers that hoarding your cash is not good for the airline.

We need you to spend your cash on parcels as it will keep everyone busy.


Tim Walters
FragileAir President

Tracker Update

Posted by Tim Walters on 23/01/2016

FragileAir Tracker now at V1.01


1. Limit what can be typed into the arrival airport combobox.
2. Addition of error message for non selected arrival airport.
3. Rank calculation bug.
4. International decimal seperators problem fixed.

All Systems Live!

Posted by Tim Walters on 21/01/2016

The FragileAir Tracker has now been published and is available by using the MaldAir Group Service Pack Updater.

Note that the SPUpdater is now at V4.00 and will need to be downloaded, installed and ran again before you can choose the FragileAir concept.

We also have four aircraft available with plans to add more as time allows.

If you have any questions, please email


The Tracker

Posted by Tim Walters on 11/01/2016

Work has now started on the actual Tracking software - this bit will take a while...

Sneak Preview!

Parcel Checker

Posted by Tim Walters on 09/01/2016

Pilots can now find out which Parcels need to be delivered and where they need to go by visiting the 'Consignment Checker' from the 'Pilot Portal' menu.

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